Urban Preparedness on a Fast-Track

Quick-Start Guide

Quick-Start Guide

Surviving a disaster requires planning, preparations, and skills. And while “being prepared” can save lives, “getting prepared” is often a confusing and time-consuming task that many people tend to avoid, until it’s too late. If you ever thought about protecting yourself and your loved ones, but you just didn’t know where to start – this Quick Start Guide is everything you need, and nothing you don’t, to help you begin making those life-saving preparations right now. Its urban preparedness made easy for average, everyday people on a fast-track.

In this Guide you get:

Real-world survival basics in an abbreviated, user-friendly format.

  • The Quick-Start Guide is now available on, Barnes and Noble, and other fine book sellers.

  • You don’t need to be a survival “expert” to be prepared. You can get started in as little as a few hours; you just need to focus on the things that really matter.

Urban Preparedness For Everyday People

Surviving Doomsday: a Guide for Surviving an Urban Disaster

Surviving Doomsday: a Guide for Surviving an Urban Disaster


We live in a very dangerous and unpredictable world. All it takes is one natural or manmade crisis to seriously disrupt the fragile infrastructure that supports our modern way-of-life.

Whether it’s a storm, a terrorist attack, an economic meltdown, or a pandemic, you need to be prepared.

During any major crisis there will be two groups of people, the prepared, and the unprepared. After a few days without food, water, medical attention, or vital public services the world around you will begin to look dramatically different than anything you could ever have imagined. Staying safe and avoiding the chaos will require thoughtful preparations and advance planning.

In this book, you get: A step-by-step guide to help you prepare to survive an urban disaster.

  • A simple and easy-to-understand approach to help you plan for a potential crisis.
  • Strategies to help you secure the core survival elements – food, water, first aid, security and sanitation.
  • Tips on when to stay put, and when to get out.
  • Tactics to keep you and your family stay safe during a crisis.
  • Extensive shopping lists for survival products and supplies.

When the moment comes you will either be prepared, or you won’t-the choice is yours.

What people are saying about the book

“If there was ever a must read book on how to be prepared for a man made or natural disaster, this is it”. E. Fernandez

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